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theseveredgoddess ([personal profile] theseveredgoddess) wrote2011-07-27 05:20 pm
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Obligatory Introduction

 Hello!  I have decided to start coming here, back and forth between LJ, really...because of all the DDoS attacks going on.

As you can tell i am a HUGE Doctor Who freak, and i will forever ship The Doctor and Rose, though i have nothing against any of the other companions, they are all wonderful in their own brilliant ways.  I am also a big Supernatural fan and, likewise, SuperWho is hugely appealing for me.
Besides being a fangirl of occasionally epic proportions, i am a writer, so there will be posts of that nature on occasion.    I write my own stuff, with a wide array of interests and not focusing on one genre, i love a good mixture, though i tend to excel in romantic angst...oh how i make my characters suffer! >:3   
And while i do enjoy fanfiction (particularly Doctor/Rose goodness), i don't write it.

Um...that's all for now.  So yeah  :)